About Us

The Recreational Cannabis Space

Grown Folks 502 got its name from Founder and CEO, Ash Sjodin who refers to cannabis products as "grown folks" (because it's for grown folks), combined with Washington State's Initiative-502, legalizing adult-use recreational cannabis.

We recognize that 502 is legally different than our trailblazing big cousin, 420. We respect our differences; so at Grown Folks 502, we won't refer to cannabis as "medicine", "medicinal marijuana", or having "medicinal properties". We believe 420, i.e. marijuana has medicinal properties, while 502 is intended for adult recreational use. Our focus is adult recreational use, regardless of reason for use.

Grown Folks 502 is embarking on a movement to build a community that redefines cannabis, the cannabis user, and the cannabis experience. Grown Folks 502 invites like-minded and like-hearted people to consider joining us, a community that works towards introducing an understanding of the "atypical" cannabis user. The cannabis user who is earth friendly and people friendly; making conscious decisions about their contributions to life and how they effect people, communities, and the environment.

Cryptocurrency & NFTs

Grown Folks 502 believes that with the acceptance and growth of blockchain technology, incorporating it into our business model will create new ways to lead in the cannabis industry.

While we recognize that we are not be able to leave a "zero carbon footprint", we can take measures to reduce it to a "minimum carbon foot print". Blockchain technology would assist us in being transparent in this endeavor.

Grown Folks 502 has many uses for NFTs; foremost, by becoming our replacement to traditional paper receipts, which will also assist in waste reduction. 

"Crypto is what you make it." -Ash Sjodin